Tips on Hiring a Graphic Designer

A graphic designer’s job is to bring your vision to life in printed materials, and often on the Web – blending together typography, paper, color, illustration, and photography to deliver a message to your customers.

-Review the portfolios of designers or design firms when considering several candidates: Many graphic design firms have online portfolios, which makes them easy to review and share with others. You can also ask for more samples of design work.

-Designers often haves established reputation with past clients. You can contact past clients for testimonials about creativity, professionalism, and work style.

-Make sure you communicate your needs. You may need a designer strong in print, web or both, or perhaps you require a marketing strategy.

-Set up a contractual agreement with the graphic designer or firm that you choose. The agreement should cover scope of projects, costs out of scope, intellectual property rights, timeline and delivery of final product and who owns the final product.

-Ensure communication and planning. Define roles. Who will ultimately control the vision? Who will approve final design? What is the budget for the project, and how will it be allotted?

-Draft a project plan with a clearly defined project scope and timeline. The project plan should include time allotted for several drafts and review, proofreading, approval, and shipping. Schedule frequent meetings with your designer to ensure you meet all deadlines.

-Review the graphic designer’s work to ensure your complete satisfaction. But remember that good design is subjective. Gaining familiarity with the design process will help you choose a designer that is right for you.


Published by

Century Seven Multimedia Solutions

We’re a small design agency — a close knit group of six designers — developing web sites, and all the various media that make them so effective, here in the beautiful Willamette Valley. We create sites and apps that are easy to use and splendid to look at.

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